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6 Benefits of Data Visualization: Engaging Your Audience

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As all of us living within the Age of Information know, we are not suffering from a shortage of data. We can however, become overwhelmed by the amount of data presented to us at home, at work and through our phones. We somehow need to sort and process this vast amount information to decipher what we should be paying attention to. During this process, we focus on the messages that stand out to us most and filter out the rest, as a business it’s important that your messages get through, and do not get lost among the other messages fighting for attention. Data Visualization uses graphics to relay information in an effective and easy-to-understand way for your audience, making it an attractive way to digest a vast amount of information in a bite-sized way.

Below are 6 benefits of Data Visualization and why it is so effective at engaging your audience:

1. Clarity and comprehension

By nature, it’s easier for us to process facts, figures and statistics visually. Data Visualization is the primary method of sharing data and information succinctly, clearly and precisely through imagery. It replaces the mundane with an interactive representation of data. Not only does visual data avoid confusion when comparing and analyzing data points, it also empowers your audience to quickly comprehend and mentally sort large chunks of information through the medium of attention-grabbing graphics.

2. Instant attention

Data Visualization is one of the most effective ways to communicate a message to your audience. With plain text, you have a small window of opportunity to entice your reader before they lose interest. However, Data Visualization presents a unique opportunity to communicate your entire message in graphics that capture attention and imagination. Studies show that the more we engage with information, the easier it becomes to learn and understand. Dense amounts of information become easier to digest and enjoy when presented in a way that requires minimal effort to understand. We have less available time now than ever before, convenience and speed is essential.

3. Tell a story

Storytelling in your Data Visualization provides an effective way to communicate your message. Stories resonate with us all on a personal level, thus allowing the reader to relate the data back to themselves. This encourages the reader to actively interact with the data – asking questions, finding connections and drawing conclusions in ways which would have been missed with text. Once this level of interaction and personalization has occurred, the data has been fully applied; aiding your reader in recalling the information in the future.

4. Identify trends

The importance of identifying trends within your marketplace should never be overlooked. Trends provide insights into the changing needs and behaviours of your customers and industry. Data Visualization is an efficient tool to identify and productively predict current and future trends, therefore accurately guiding the direction of resources in order to thrive within your space. A major benefit of preempting these trends and quickly responding to the market is the advantage you gain within your industry and ultimately achieving the result you want – engaging your audience more than your competitors.

5. Emotional reactions

Read this sentence: “The sun is shining brightly today.”, did you feel anything? Now close your eyes and visualize the sun shining above you. Did you notice any difference in your responses? Typically, images aid further in eliciting emotional responses from us than words alone can achieve. For this reason, Data Visualization allows for this deeper, and more enjoyable connection with your audience, aiding in building trust and confidence.

6. Share, share, share

Studies show that people remember 80% of what they see, but only 20% of what they read, making visual content key to your online marketing strategy. As an effective tool for dynamic communication, imagery allows you to share relevant information whilst omitting any clutter that could be present in text. Data Visualization is therefore a great medium to enhance shareability and memorability online amongst your audience. A major Implication of such sharing is an increased online audience, a key component to attracting new customers.

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