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When good manufacturing data equals good decisions.

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Data visualization and strategy for manufacturing

This is what we do.

Sales forecasting, poor customer retention, growing product waste, misjudged cash flow, too much inventory, the list goes on. Our clients express the struggle they bear in the manufacturing industry: bad decisions are costly and we understand it.

Our process of Organize, Visualize and Strategize helps you to understand your business, customers and products by bringing your data to life. This leads to better decisions, better results and a better business.

Better Decisions
When Understanding Your Business Counts

The market is extremely competitive, and we hate grasping at arbitrary numbers. We track management indicators that matter, to discover what truly drives the economics of your business. We are extremely focused on how moving inches can make massive impacts on profits, cash flow and inventory.

On the sales stage, whether it be global or domestic, there is always a product being sold. Since customers can differ so greatly, understanding their buying habits and differentiating sales tactics is critical. We analyze the contribution and value delivery of your products and how they correlate with your best customers. Reducing product waste by implementing efficiencies or eliminating lagging products all together may be tough decisions, but when they are informed by the numbers, the evidence is clear.

Customer size, order frequency, product preferences, combined with a multitude of locations means that customers are often misunderstood, leading to wasted sales efforts, lost revenue and dissatisfied relationships. We want you to understand why you produce what you are producing and who you should sell it to, in order to build profitable long-term relationships.

Better Results
The Impact of Visual Data

We carefully review our manufacturing clients’ entire operation, from customers to managers to the opinions of their sales staff. We uncover insights that illuminate more than just how to get more product into the hands of customers, we learn that visualizing company performance stems motivation and catapults growth.

In our experience, it is apparent that data-driven business intelligence solutions with stunning dashboards and reports on big screens, desktops and mobile phones, inform teams, helping them to make better, more confident decisions. These improved strategic decisions come in the form of sales tactics, inventory management, outreach development and adjustments to a product line. We learn how primary products and consumable parts correlate, and why the buying preferences of customers differ between domestic and international markets.

Your data is speaking to you, it is time to turn it into actionable insights.


Better Business
30% Annual Growth, 2 Years and Counting

With one of our USA based manufacturers, we put good data in the hand of every team member. We help to inform the decisions and strategies around international sales as every initiative and result is tracked in real-time with performance details pushed to the team immediately.

The sales team and managers were highly motivated to communicate around blaring trends and educate themselves on their customers and products. Not only did this business intelligence lead to more informed decisions, but sales have grown 30% annually for two consecutive years and counting.

We love this victory.

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