Flexible data strategy, strategic advising and data visualization services to match the scale of your operation.

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Pricing for Data Visualization

We deliver a framework for smart, data-driven decision-making backed by actionable insights and coherent strategies. No matter the scale of your operation, we help you to Be the Victor. We reflect this in our services, considering where we can best meet your needs in terms of your business’ development. We grow with you and your data.

Strategic Advising

Ad Hoc or Monthly

For clients who want coherent strategic advising, but are not quite ready for managed data visualization.

Our Process

We cover your latest operational challenges to help to implement strategic solutions, integrating experienced advice and discovering quick insights from review of available data.


We provide a 1-hour caffeine-induced strategic advising session to gain perspective on your business’ needs, commonly offered in a bi-weekly meeting program.

Your Data

Your data infrastructure may not be developed, but you have some data that may be useful to your business’ strategy.

Data Strategy

Monthly Commitment

For clients who want complete data strategy consulting, combining coherent strategic advising and managed data visualization.

Our Process

Organize, Visualize and Strategize. Our complete process of bringing data to life through Microsoft Power BI and building out coherent strategies through operational insights discovered through your data.


Bi-weekly data strategy meetings covering development of data visualization and fundamental strategic initiatives drawn from insights.

Your Data

You collect and consume lots of data, so we manage one data source at a time to streamline our focus.

Data Visualization

Monthly or Project Based

For clients who want managed data visualization to accelerate their business intelligence, but have their own strategic resources.

Our Process

We design and create stunning dashboards and analytical reports on desktop, tablet and mobile, using Microsoft’s Power BI, providing analysis and manipulation of your data to gain a 360 degree view.

Project Management

We manage your data visualization, analytics and reporting for you, so you can stay focused on your business operations.

Your Data

You collect and consume lots of data, so we manage one data source at a time to streamline our focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Business Intelligence software do you use?

We use Microsoft’s Power BI, but we are not here to sell it to you and make no commission from it. We chose this platform for a few simple reasons. It is highly flexible and accessible on Windows/Mac desktop, tablet and mobile. It is very cost effective for our clients. Finally, it is Microsoft, so it will not be bought out tomorrow after you invested your hard earned dollars into it.


Is my data, database or software too complex?

Never. We take on as much as possible, helping to align the data and avoid burdening your IT. We have worked with highly complex ERPs and custom databases, and have navigated IT teams such as yours on infrastructure improvements. Our approach is to ensure we focus on specific outcomes and not get all the data through a firehose.


How do you handle our sensitive information?

We work with the highest degree of confidentiality when handling your data and sensitive information. Every data set, meeting and email are treated as confidential. We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements whenever required. We have in-house privacy policies and security measures to handle data confidentially. To learn more, see our Privacy Policy.


Can you help with my accounting?

We have adept knowledge of business finances and structure. We will happily assist you to track costs and find savings where you never thought it was possible. However, we will not sign off on your financial statements nor claim we are professionally certified accountants. We regularly work with accountants at large and small firms and are happy to make a referral.

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